New Patient Center

First time? Find out what to expect on your first visit

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We want to help you feel confident, in good health, and capable of doing the things you love. Our programs relieve stress and improve confidence so you can feel and perform at your best.

Your first Contour Light®

consult session

What does your first body sculpting session look like?

  1. You’ll be gladly welcomed into our center.
  2. We begin the pre-consultation by asking you some questions about yourself so that we can learn more about your habits and lifestyle.
  3. We take your original measurements.
  4. The Contour Light® treatment starts.
  5. We take your measures once again so you can see the instant result.
  6. We create a report of findings: This includes the recommendations for the Contour Light® package, cost, questions, concerns, etc.

How to prepare for your first Contour Light® session

Fill out the new patient form

Drink water before and after treatment

Avoid eating for 2 hours prior to treatment

Bring comfortable undergarments

Avoid alcohol

Decrease caffeine