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Non-surgical treatments

If you’re looking for the best chiropractor in Ashburn, VA, look no further. We give you the expert care you need to feel healthier, look better, live longer, and have more energy without drugs or surgery.

Get back to your old self again

Improve your health with our practices by allowing us to:

Examine your spine

This helps us identify any misalignments, areas of tension, or mechanical issues that might be leading to pain and discomfort.

Analyze your nervous system

Examining the nervous system allows us to check for any abnormal function that could be causing imbalances in your body.

Check your metabolism

Assessing your metabolism helps us understand how well your body can process essential nutrients and what nutrition methods we can use to maximize your health.

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Obtain pain relief with chiropractic care

We are focused on treating two of the biggest sources of pain: back pain and knee pain. Our knee restoration and spinal decompression programs are focused on enhancing the natural healing processes of your body with the use of cutting-edge technology.


Knee or back pain


Joint pain and stiffness


Neck and shoulder pain




Gut health




Thyroid issues

Cutting-edge chiropractic care

Torque Release Technique

Spinal and Knee Decompression

Atomic Spin Technology

Electromagnetic Infrared Therapy

Torque Release Technique (TRT)

Forget the scary, painful cracking and popping you see on YouTube. With the TRT method, you’ll experience a gentle and non-forceful adjustment. This is perfect when you want relief from misaligned bones.

Traditional chiropractic uses vigorous techniques to manipulate your joints and can cause discomfort. TRT simply releases tension from involved muscles and soft tissue, giving you a more effective way of healing.

This can have positive lasting effects on your posture, mobility, and chronic pain levels, no matter your age.

TRT also helps restore proper nerve function and balance throughout your body. So, by visiting us, a professional Ashburn Village chiropractic center in Virginia, you can relax knowing you’ll experience a safer and natural approach to health.

Spinal decompression

Feel the low-impact spinal decompression therapy with our Back on Trac unit. This specialized equipment gently stretches your spine and relieves pressure on compressed joints, discs, and other tissues.

It’s designed to move slowly, allowing time for the muscles in your back, neck, and hips to relax while stretching them out in a controlled manner. This supports healing – making it easier for us to help you.

Spinal decompression therapy using the Back on Trac unit paired with exercises and stretches are an effective tool for lessening chronic back pain, improving your range of motion, and promoting your overall health.

Knee Restoration

Our techniques:

Atomic Spin Technology

Using Pulse PEMF therapy, we can decrease the inflammation and promote healing of the injured tissue. This safe, non-invasive treatment can also reduce your pain so that you have a better quality of life.

Electromagnetic Infrared Therapy

Meanwhile, Electromagnetic Infrared Therapy utilizes gentle heat therapy, which increases your recovery time and improves your mobility.

Advanced Knee Decompression

Our traction system helps to reduce pain and inflammation, as well as improve your knee’s range of motion.

Personalized Nutrition Therapy

We can give you tips on how to make lifestyle changes that will heal your body even faster, like changes to your exercise plan or eating regimen so you can absorb nutrients better.

Range of motion and corrective functional exercises

Along with knee decompression, we implement exercises and stretches to help you heal better and faster.

Boost your healing process with our

knee restoration supplements

Bone Matrix

Bone Matrix has key minerals, peptides, and collagen to assist with the regeneration of osteoarthritis.

Mobile Max

Mobile max helps to inhibit inflammation and provide the proper nutrients to support joint health. A combination of turmeric and tamarind extracts is utilized to encourage joint comfort and a healthy range of motion.

Artho Complete

Artho complete is the perfect moisturizer for the joints, including the knee and spine. It contains powerful botanicals that deliver maximum support for a healthy inflammatory response.

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Range of motion and corrective exercises

Physical rehabilitation is also important when healing or treating your knee or spinal condition. That is why we combine our high-end treatments with stretches and exercises to help you regain mobility and ease your pain. Our specially designed exercises will improve your ability to move around without pain or stiffness, complimenting our chiropractic techniques.

Pay just $79 for your first Contour Light® treatment

Pay only $79 for your first Contour Light® session and initial measurements before your Contour Light® treatment. In addition, we will include the add-ons of the face mask treatment and a vibration plate session as well to get you off to a good start.*

*First-time customers only.