Relieve Pain. Lose Weight. Live Better.

Get the expert guidance and care you need to feel healthier, look better, live longer, and have more energy without drugs or surgery at our wellness center.

Look your best with our non-surgical body contouring

Contour Light® is our fast and long-term body contouring technology. It is painless; it leaves no bruising or scarring, and you can see results from the first session!

What kind of results can I expect in my first session?

Most clients experience anywhere between 2-6+ INCHES lost in their very first Contour Light® Session. Results vary from person to person.

* Tips on how to maximize your session and lose as many inches as possible will be sent to you after reserving your trial.

How many sessions does it take?

Everybody has a different starting point and different personal fitness goals.

Based on how your body responds to your first Contour Light® Session, a personalized fat/weight loss program with a recommended number of sessions to achieve your desired goal will be discussed.

Is it safe?

Not only is Contour Light® safe and effective, but it is FDA-Cleared.

Contour Research, LLC conducted an IRB-Approved Clinical Trial Involving 118 participants who lost an average of 2.49″ in just ONE Contour Light® Session.

These results are publicly available on the Clinical Trials Official Government Website.

(Ref #NCT04451824)

Improving your health the Empower way

We take your health seriously. That’s why we only provide cutting-edge technology in chiropractic care and fat loss. 

Our goal is to develop all-natural programs to help you look good and feel your best.

Obtain pain relief with chiropractic care

Our main goal is to better your life quality. Restoring mobility, treating your injuries, giving you pain relief, and ensuring your wellness are our top priorities. You’ll benefit from our programs if you have any of the following symptoms or conditions:


Knee or back pain




Joint pain and stiffness


Gut/Metabolic issues




Sleep problems

Meet our doctor



Dr. Bryan grew up in Baltimore County, Maryland, where he played a number of different sports starting at an early age, including basketball, lacrosse, and ice hockey. He received a scholarship to play Division I lacrosse at The Ohio State University, earning a degree in Exercise Physiology.

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Dr. Bryan continued his passion for learning, and four years later, he earned his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Life University in Marietta, Georgia. He brings a passionate and holistic approach to every patient, with the belief that determining the root cause of pain or illness is the key element to achieving successful and sustainable outcomes. Truly listening and understanding each and every patient’s concerns are at the core of Dr. Bryan’s philosophy of health care. He has cultivated many skills as a chiropractor that allow him to create customized recommendations for patients who have seemingly tried all other forms of healthcare.

Our methods

High-End Technology

We’re always looking to offer the most advanced treatments out there. Our methods are at the cutting edge of non-surgical and non-invasive pain management and weight loss, as demonstrated by research and, more importantly, patient outcomes.

Personalized Treatments

We will never make assumptions about your health. We always begin with a comprehensive assessment to obtain precise standardized assessments of your body’s health and take accurate measurements. This baseline enables us to develop personalized recommendations for you based on your particular circumstances and health objectives.

Natural Solutions

Our patients are experiencing better and quicker outcomes without the need for medication or surgery. Your health is perhaps your most valuable possession, and we make sure to treat it as such.

Our commitment to you

You have the right to feel good in your own body; that’s why we design our programs based on your personal situation and specific health condition. Our team of expert professionals will work with you and coach you along the way to make sure that all aspects of your health needs are met.

Pay just $79 for your first Contour Light® treatment and consult session

Normally $249 for a single session, pay only $79 for your first Contour Light® session and initial measurements before your Contour Light® treatment. In addition, we will include the add-ons of the face mask treatment and a vibration plate session as well to get you off to a good start.*

*First-time customers only.
Normal price is $249 for a single session.